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AGR Outdoors 

AGR Outdoors is a “gun shop for the AGRessive sportsman.” They are located in Cypress, Texas and have a long standing reputation for outstanding customer service. They can outfit you for any need on any type of hunt.

Air Armor Tech

Air Armor Tech™ is a veteran-owned company with a product that is made in the USA. They offer inflatable, military-grade cases that protect with AIR. Their cases easily inflate to offer extreme protection and deflate to offer extreme storability — protecting like a hard case yet storing like a duffle bag. They pride themselves on making their cases with super-premium components using unmatched craftsmanship to provide you with the best insurance for your weapon system and it’s precious ‘zero’.

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B&B Taxidermy

Mike Baird's B&B Taxidermy has been in business since 1983 in Houston, Texas and provides taxidermy for North American and African Mounts. They offer many options for mounting your trophies no matter if it's African, North American, Global or Exotic. Another aspect they have been involved with is designing and decorating Trophy Rooms in homes and businesses. PLUS, they can provide custom designed dioramas for your trophy mounts. They pride themselves in providing a service that is above and beyond your expectations.

Colt Idol

Colt Idol is bringing a New Face to the Old West through his paintings. “The West” as we know it from history no longer exists, but “the West” in this new age allows an opportunity to bring old and new to life. Whether landscape, wildlife or western, Colt’s work is emotionally charged through fearless color, tenacious light, and a divergence in contrast. His artistic endeavors are inspired by the history that's right behind us, and the cultures of our ancestors that lived on the very land we live today. Colt’s artistic expression lies in highlighting a timeless, symbolic, and ambient West of old, and bringing it to this new daring and vibrant era in which we live today.

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Dave’s Bayou Outfitters

Midway Deer Processing

Dave’s Bayou Outfitters is nestled deep in the Mississippi River flyway. They have the Ouachita River to their west while also being surrounded by thousands of acres of some of the richest delta crop land the nation has to offer. That delta crop land provides plenty of food and habitat for wintering waterfowl… So naturally, waterfowl hunting is what they do. Their duck hunting property consists of over 1,800 acres of conservation projects and rice fields with pit blinds. A hunt includes a stay in the lodge that is warm and welcoming with the hospitality Louisiana is known for, along with guides that have their own highly trained retrievers for your harvest.

Midway Deer Processing has been proudly serving Texas hunters over the past 50 years. Herman Meyer, a life long hunter himself, personally supervises every aspect of the operation. He knows how important your wild game is to you. They guarantee the meat you drop off to process will be the same meat you get back! All of the orders at Midway Deer Processing are kept separate from others. No exceptions. On Sundays, they offer a sample table with all their famous sausages for you to try before making your selections. Their staff will take you through every step of the order and explain to you exactly how your meat will be handled and processed.

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