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B&B Taxidermy
B&B Taxidermy

Trusted Turn-key Taxidermy Partner

About B&B

As part of our effort to provide an all-inclusive hunt we are now offering the opportunity to have your deer shipped directly to B&B Taxidermy from the Ranch.

Searching for and researching a trusted Taxidermist that can be confidently trusted with your trophies can take time and you may not get what you expect. We have made it easier on our hunters. We did the research for you. Many of our hunters have been using the same Taxidermist for years: B&B Taxidermy.


In knowing that, we have initiated a program with B&B Taxidermy to make mounting a more streamlined process with less hassle for our hunter

B&B Taxidermy has been in business since 1983 in Houston, Texas. They provide taxidermy for North American and African Mounts. B&B is renowned for their work in Whitetail Deer. We have a long-standing relationship with B&B Taxidermy through the years. Due to that relationship, we are able to cape, prepare, package, and ship your deer directly to B&B for you!


B&B Taxidermy offers many options for mounting your trophies. Once your deer reaches B&B they will contact you about your plan for your trophy. You will be able to work directly with them as you design your own trophy including any extras.

Taxidermy Process

You will be notified when your trophies are complete. Then shipping can be arranged or pick up is available. B&B has had a long, trusted affiliation with Estes Express Lines, for larger orders, that can provide a safe, final journey for your trophies back to you. For smaller orders, they confidently use FedEx.

Shipment will be scheduled when the balance owed to B&B Taxidermy is paid in full, including shipping.

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