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Gsell's Whitetails


Pennsylvania's Premier Hunting Destination

Massive Whitetail Deer, PA

Massive Whitetail Deer

5 of the top 5,10 of the top 20, and 62 of the top 100 bucks in the SCI record book were harvested at Gsell's! Gsell’s Whitetails Hunting Lodge has a long established reputation for raising giant northeastern whitetails from the famous Patrick breeding line and we have challenged ourselves to become the #1 trophy whitetail deer hunting facility in North America.

Deep Timber Experience

Gsell's Whitetails is perfectly situated in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania. Tall hardwoods and pine trees drape the expansive landscape of hills and elevation changes. It is an experience most hunters can't put to words, but none the less deep timber trophy whitetail deer hunts at Gsell's are sure to be epic.

Whitetail Deer Hunting PA
Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodge

Comfort & Hospitality

Fully renovated lodge offers hunters the most comfortable accommodations and the food is remarkable ...just ask our clients. In fact, our goal at Gsell's is that every minute of your stay and hunt with us is remarkable. From the lodge to the blinds to the massive trophy whitetail deer, we plan for a remarkable experience.

“I have hunted many high fence operations. This place has 230+ bucks more than anyone in very scenic deep timber hills.”

-Paul Wolleman, Wyoming

Whitetail Deer PA
Gsell's Whitetail Hunting Lodge

What We Offer

The chance of a lifetime to hunt giant deep timber trophy bucks.

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